Welcome to the Secondary English Education ESL book club! This website is a collection of culturally relevant and ESL-friendly books that we and our fellow teachers can use in our classrooms, either in our curriculum or as book recommendations for students. This website will serve as an ongoing resource for us in the years to come and as a reminder of our journey to becoming (and remaining!) culturally and linguistically responsive content and ESL teachers.

We have judged the books based on a few criteria (which can be seen in more detail via the “Our Criteria” tab above): 1) accessibility, 2) cultural/linguistic relevance, and 3) general quality.  Additionally, we took note of how these texts might fit into an ELA curriculum, listing potential themes or issues that the books address.  


  • You can scroll through the full list of books by clicking on the “The Books” tab above.
  • The books are sorted by recommended grade level, Lexile (difficulty), themes and issues addressed in the book, etc.- click on the links on the side to see all the books that fit each category.
  • There is a list of further resources that may be useful on the final tab!