Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings – Margarita Engle


  1. Is it Accessible?
    1. Yes! It’s a poetic memoir (good for learning a new genre!) with English and some Spanish and Russian
    2. Lexile Level: 1120
    3. Ages 12+
  2. Is it Relevant?
    1. Totally! Use for themes of Language as power, especially censorship and code-switching
    2. Connect to Social Studies for Cold War Era
  3. Is it Good?
    1. Very! I used this for a “Culturally Conscious Communicators” unit with Sophomores. We focused on themes of Culture, language and identity.
  4. Other texts to explore:
    1. Partner it with Inside Out and Back Again!
    2. “What Kind of Asian are you?” Youtube video
    3. “3 ways to speak English” Jamila LyiscottTED talk